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Mediation & Conflict Coaching 

Clarity in dealing with conflicts


We are a team of mediators, conflict researchers and communication trainers. Our strength lies in dealing with conflicts in private and professional contexts and working in multilingual and multicultural contexts. 

Conflict resolution through mediation

Mediation is a moderated discussion between the conflict parties. As mediators we give the parties involved the opportunity to describe all aspects of the disagreement from their point of view. They are encouraged to formulate their interests and needs.

We support the people involved in finding their own specific solution. The goal of mediation is a satisfactory result that is fair for all parties and works in a sustainable way. They all should emerge strengthened from it.

Assistance in conflict through counseling

Conflict counseling is useful when it is not possible to bring all disagreeing parties together to seek a common solution.

In conflict consulting, we help you to explore the problematic context from different perspectives. We encourage you to find out what your interests and needs are in the conflictual system, so that you can formulate these clearly for yourself and for others in the further solution process.

Strengthening cohesion

In companies and organizations we accompany change processes and promote team building. We develop a constructive communication culture, in which the participants experience themselfes in their strength. This enables healthy growth for all.

Training for competent handling of conflicts

In our trainings and seminars in Germany and abroad we teach mediation in universities, schools, companies and organizations. We also teach Nonviolent Communication for all areas of life. 

Conflict management in companies and organizations

As mediation representatives, we develop suitable communication structures for dealing with conflicts for each specific system. We also offer training, team coaching and individual consultation within the organization. We are available as mediators in acute disputes. 

Communication research

In various working groups we research the communication of political actors and the influence of language in dispute resolution in intercultural contexts. We also develop specific mediation procedures for couple and family conflicts. 


You can reach us from all countries via WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram and Signal: +49-151-21158810. You can also send an email to Or you can use the contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Christian Müller
CEO of Raum für Verständigung
Certified Mediator (MedG), communication trainer, lecturer, expert advisor to the Civil Peace Service of the German Federal Association for International Cooperation